Corporate Event Planning Tips

Corporate events are an opportunity to build your brand image and assure the public that your company minds about their welfare. As such, planning and executing a corporate event can be a daunting process. Read this guide for some tips on how to plan a corporate event. 

Choosing A Theme

Choose an appropriate theme for your party. For instance, an end-of-year party could have a theme that reflects your annual achievements or your goals for the next year. Your annual shareholders meeting could mirror your mission and vision statement. It is a sure way to boost their confidence. On the other hand, the theme to an employee's party could be an affirmation that the company minds the welfare of its employees.


The location of the venue should be suitable for your guests. For instance, an annual employee's party could be held at your premises. When planning a shareholder's meeting, think about the availability of amenities such as washrooms, adequate parking and security. You risk ruining your reputation if your guests are uncomfortable during the event. If you intend to have media coverage, consider corporations that would want to collaborate with your brand. For instance, a hotel could give you a discount since they will get free publicity when they host your event. Preferably, have a backup venue to be used in case the primary location is not available. For instance, sudden weather changes could force you to abandon an outdoors venue.  

Service Providers

You will need a party hire company to help you execute the event. The company will provide marquees, chairs, tables and décor for your event. As a rule, the décor should incorporate your brand colours. The company should also offer catering services. Remember to include different varieties of proteins and starches in your menu. Additionally, have vegetarian meals for guests who do not consume meats. The sound and lighting must be perfect. The equipment should be tested a few hours before the event.

Corporate Events And COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected how corporates hold their events. It is impossible to hold a conventional corporate event due to social distancing regulations. Corporates can adapt by holding the event online. Ask an event company to set a stage for your event. Hire a few musicians to perform before the guest speakers give their speeches. Incorporate a few exciting documentaries to make the event memorable. All your guests will stream this event via social media or through your company website.  

When planning a corporate event, choose an appropriate theme, carefully select the venue, work with experienced service providers and observe the recommended tips when planning corporate events during the Covid19 pandemic. 

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