Coolroom Hire Tips

A problem experienced by most outdoor event planners is how to keep beverages and foods cold. Portable coolrooms are an instant solution to this problem. The coolrooms could be powered by a vehicle or generator, thus making them ideal when you do not have an electricity source at the venue. Below are some of the considerations to make when hiring a coolroom for your event.

Coolroom Specifications

In a rush to hire the coolroom, many event planners often forget to determine the features of the coolroom that they require. Avoid this mistake by ensuring the coolroom you hire meets the needs of your event. Some of your concerns should include the size of the coolroom and its internal features. For instance, it should have shelves to ensure you have an easy time organising your items. The coolroom should also have compartments if you wish to store items that require varying temperature ranges. For example, you could need a freezer compartment to keep the drinks ice cold. 

Consider Reputable Companies

A quick internet search will reveal the various companies that offer coolroom hire services in your area. Make sure to assess their reputation to ascertain that they offer quality services. Additionally, evaluate the company's terms. For instance, how long can you stay with the coolroom? It is a vital concern if you require the equipment for several days. Check whether the company offers free transport to your location. If not, you will have to hire a trailer to pick up and return the coolroom. 

Examine the company pricing by comparing it against that of similar companies. Look out for extra costs. For instance, the coolroom could be more expensive during the weekend. Besides, you could suffer a fine if you do not return the coolroom on time. 

Coolroom Set-up

Place the coolroom at a convenient location. Ideally, it should be close to the catering tent to ensure you have an easy time accessing foods and drinks in the coolroom. If you intend to unload it from the trailer, place it on a rigid raised surface to protect it from elements such as dirt and pests. If possible, the coolroom's power source should be close. It prevents unscrupulous individuals from switching off the power without your knowledge. Remember to observe high hygiene standards when using the coolroom.  

When hiring a coolroom, determine the required specifications, consider reputable companies and observe the recommended set-up tips. Contact a coolroom hire service for more information. 

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