The Advantages of Marquee Hire at a Wedding

A wedding marquee is a popular choice in Australia nowadays. They are perfect structures for wedding breakfasts and evening receptions with numerous different styles available to suit all sorts of couples. If you are considering this sort of wedding hire for your big day, then what are then are the benefits you can expect? Read on to find out.

Greater Flexibility

One of the big plus points about a typical wedding marquee hire company is that they will have a range of different options available to you. For example, you might want a very large marquee or to have two smaller ones erected for you side by side. This way, you could have separate areas for different functions. For example, you might want one for kids only or to serve as a bar area. With marquees, you can usually add as much additional space as you need for your style of wedding.

Stage Your Wedding Reception Anywhere

Unlike a normal wedding venue, a marquee can be picked up and put anywhere you like within reason. This means you could opt for a romantic spot by the coast, for instance, or simply put your wedding marquee up in your own garden and host the event from there. If you want to stage your wedding your way at a place that means something to you personally, then there are few better choices you could make. After all, there are very few rules you need to follow in Australia for a wedding ceremony to be legal.

Invite More Guests

Because marquee hire is generally cheaper than hiring a brick and mortar venue or a function room, there will be more money left over for other things. This means being able to invite more guests. Indeed, because you get plenty of space with a wedding marquee, you will have sufficient room to invite more people to your special day, too.

Get Out of the Sun

With the modern fabrics that are used in the latest generation of marquees, you can expect the sun to be blocked out when you are inside. Of course, generating shade is important for any social event that is staged outside but you also want to be confident that UV light is being blocked and keeping everyone safe. What's more, your marquee should also provide you with more than enough cover if it happens to rain, so you really get an all-weather venue when you hire a marquee for your wedding.

Contact a company that provides wedding marquees for more information. 

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